What will you do with your 168 this week?

Every week you are given 168.  It is exactly the same 168 that everyone else is given.  It’s one thing you can’t buy more of.   Unfortunately, there is no guarantee you’ll get the full 168 because without any notice whatsoever, the “game over” sign can pop up.

The 168 hours you may receive this week is a reality for all of us and yet we play every mental game possible to ignore it’s use as a direct connection to the results we are getting.

If you want to have a paradigm shift that will dramatically change the results you are getting try this:

1.  Accept the reality of 168 hours each week.  Really accept it.  Remove from your vocabulary the statements, “If I only had more time, I would….”   “I wish I had more time for….”   “I don’t have enough time to…”  “If there were just more hours today I would…”

2.  Know who you want to be and what you want to have so you can lay in your cornerstones first.  Your cornerstones are those priority items that keep the paper you have your dreams written down on from flying away with the first big gust of wind.  Time to connect with your spouse, time with your children, time to worship or rest, time devoted to maintaining good health which includes 7 hours a night to sleep.  Choose what your cornerstones are and how much time you need to devote to them this week.  Choose carefully, personally and professionally.  You can allot less time to some of them this week, but ignore them for too many weeks and the corners of your paper will start to become unstable.

3.  Make a conscious decision, every single week, about who you are going to spend your time with.  How many hours will you allot to people that don’t add to your joy or your ROI?  Hear me.  You will not get those hours back.  Once you have spent your 168 it is gone.

Stop trying to manage something you have no control over.  Start designing your time based your desired outcomes.

I’ve said enough for now.  I’ve spent the allotment I assigned for creating this and am off to enjoy the other 167 I have left this week.

So, I’m curious.  How will you spend your 168 this week?

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