What will you do with 3 minutes this week? Lynda’s Launch List, April 16, 2012

There’s so much power in the gaps between our activities. How will you use that time to serve you and your team this week?

WATCH this..When you have 3 min, to be enlightened on how changing your thoughts on a situation can change everything about it. CLICK HERE

 BE this…aware that you can control your feelings rather than your feelings controling you. This paradigm shift is a trait of all great leaders. Once you are in control of your emotions and not allowing them to drive you, you will do more and more of the types of things that will propel you towards higher levels of effectiveness.

TRY this…do jumping jacks, toe touches, knee lifts, or simply walk up and down some steps or through your building for 3 minutes. That’s all it will take to get the blood flowing to your brain and ignite your motivation.

READ this… Here’s 5 ways to build your Self Discipline

DO this…when you have 3 minutes this week, write a note of encouragement to a team member who really needs it. As their leader, it could mean a great deal to them.

Champions realize that their job is the hard stuff. Having those crucial conversations, following through when no one else will, being encouraging when no one else can. YOU are a champion or you wouldn’t be reading this. SHOW UP as one in each moment this week…your team is watching you and I stand firm in believing in you!

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