What will you change this week?

Many of you sent in responses to the biggest challenges you are facing as leaders right now.  Thank you!  I will be sending some of you individual responses soon and addressing some of the topics in upcoming Launch Lists.

From the information you submitted, it appears that one of the biggest challenges is determining what you, your team, or your company needs to change to reach your desired outcomes this year.  Choosing what to change and how to go about motivating and engaging yourself and others to create that change is a critical factor.

To help you find some short cuts to success I’ve chosen 5 of my favorite resources and have noted which key concepts from each of them have helped my clients the most.  You may not have time to read them all, so I have included video links for short summaries of the books you can watch.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

5-min VIDEO that will help summarize this book.  This is a different video than I have mentioned in a past list and is definitely worth the 5-minute investment.

A key concept – Create the right “cue” and the right “routine” will follow.  If you want you and your team to have more energy this year, be sure to have healthy food choices available all the time.   If you have a vending machine or snack area full of sugar filled items, the chances are high that when someone is hungry they will grab for the bad stuff because it’s convenient.   If you want to sell more of a particular product, make it easy to introduce to as many of your clients/customers as possible.  Watch the video above to find out how Target used this concept with their customers.

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath

3-min VIDEO that explains what to focus on when you want to create a positive change.

A key concept – In times of change, study first the bright spots of what is working and then engage the emotional part of you (the elephant), along with your team’s, in a strategic plan (the rider and path) that sets up early rewards for the change you want to make.  If you want to change your sales process, first study the person in your organization and the methods that are working well.   Obsess about why it is working.  What method was used that lead to success?  Clone that method.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

5-minute VIDEO that is great, short, summary of the book.

If you haven’t read this and are in a leadership position, you need to because it’s a classic.

A key concept – Focus all your efforts for change on the results that will keep you and your team in Quadrant 2 (what is not urgent but is very important).  Your time management strategies and any change should result in your biggest assets (you and your people) being able to strategically think ahead.  Quadrant 2 activities are things like strategic planning meetings or taking time to think.  They are not urgent, but not done regularly, will result in failures of a major scope.

To Sell is Human:  The Surprising Truth about Moving Others  and Drive:  The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – both by Daniel Pink

3-min video about the New ABC’s of selling as outlined in To Sell is Human

11-min video that uses RSA animate to summarize Drive

I love this guy!  His work is well researched and boiled down into easy to read or listen to books that help leaders like you improve quickly.

A key concept – these books help you understand what motivates people and then how to tap into that to sell them on the change you want to see them make.  I love Daniel Pink’s books because they are super easy read or listen to on audio books through audible.  You can listen to the books during your morning or afternoon commute to work or while walking or jogging.   HERE’s the link to Audible if you aren’t familiar with that great app and service.  http://www.audible.com.  If you sign up they give a free book immediately.

Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham

12-min video (This a captivating video that gives some GREAT research on why to focus on strengths)

Our newest executive coach, Marisa Keegan, is an expert in this material and I have had fun learning from her and using the concepts to quickly move clients forward.

A key concept – Your time is best spent developing you and your team member’s strengths.  Discovering your core strengths and how to best utilize them to serve your team will net you big returns quickly this year.    If you study bad and invert it, you simply get not bad.  If you want to move from good to great determine your strengths and deploy them.

Congratulations to our winners of the free DISC/Motivators assessment and 45-minute coaching session, Cheryl Roberts, Debbie Cooper, Darla Summers, Phil Peters, Jessica Hudson and Yolanda Crewe!

I promised 5 winners, but I decided to choose a bonus winner so we could thank and reward more of you for being a part of our success in 2013.


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