What will inspire YOU this week?

THANK YOU for always reaching for a higher bar and inspiring me to the do the same!

As a leader, you are called upon frequently to inspire your team, your customers, and many times your community.  To do that, it’s important to frequently plug into things that inspire and motivate you so you can operate at your highest potential.  Here’s some ways to stay inspired:

TRY THIS:  Create a playlist on your iPod, iPad, phone, or computer with the 3-4 songs that inspire you the most.  Listen to them before you need to create or deliver a message to your team or whatever “tribe” you want to influence in a positive way.  Pick songs that empower and motivate you to be your absolute best.  Before one major event where it was important for me to inspire a large group, I downloaded “The Climb” and then listen to it as I ran up and down a steep hill.

DEVELOP THIS:  A statement about your truest self.  I developed something, over time, that is now… “I am a bottomless cup of wake-up!”  Let yours act as your rudder for the effect you want to have on those you lead.

WATCH THIS:  NOT the news all morning!  Unless you or your company are the one’s they are reporting on.  More than 5 minutes of the news probably will not inspire you to your highest potential.  INSTEAD, watch a video on your iPad from YouTube that you can learn from, listen to a CD that calibrates your best mindset, or read something that will remind you that you are in total control of the reactions you have to situations.

YOU are worth the time and effort you put into YOU.  As a leader, it is your job to work on getting better every single day.  YOU set the example.  YOU lead the way. It is your responsibility to lead with courage and strength.  It is your privilege to serve your team.  BE the change you want to see in your world..

There are 3 weeks left in 2012 – how will you choose to spend them?

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