What will be unacceptable to you this week?

Drawing a firm line between the unacceptable and acceptable can be foundational for leading a profitable organization that you can be proud of.  How often do you accept unacceptable behavior from yourself and your team members?  What does that cost your organization?  Here’s some tools and techniques you can use this week:

READ THIS:  Letting behavior continue that is unacceptable could have consequences that are far-reaching and costly to your organization.  Some advice in this article includes addressing the issue immediately, discussing the matter in private, and reinforcing the behavior you want corrected.  If you notice the unacceptable behavior rest assured that your employees are noticing it as well.  When you don’t address it, you are sending a message that the unacceptable has just become acceptable to you.

TRY THIS:  Listening without defensiveness, criticism or impatience.  Finding out if the behavior is rooted in the need for control, recognition, affection or respect, can help you discover other solutions.  Make the time to properly train the appropriate behaviors you want to see.  HERE’s an article that can help.

MAKE A LIST:  of what is acceptable and unacceptable and discuss it with your team this week.  If you deem something as unacceptable be sure to address the behavior immediately and work together to correct it.

As a leader, knowing what is acceptable and unacceptable to you will give your team clear boundaries for their behaviors and set a standard for everyone in your organization to follow.  When you clearly communicate what you expect from your team they will know that you care about their success and about them.  If you have a superstar in your organization that demonstrates the types of behaviors you want to see, recognize them for it!  By doing so, you will be communicating that you are noticing what your team members are doing daily to lead to the long-term success of your company.

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