What is your biggest challenge this week?

I’m curious.  What professional or team member challenge are you facing that has you stuck or stalled right now?  I bet you are not the only one facing that type of challenge.

Would you mind submitting the challenge to me today?  I will take the challenges I receive and publish the results in an upcoming Launch List.  I will not use your name or company name so you can feel safe that your submittals will be confidential only to me.  The goal is to determine what our readers are challenged with right now and supply solutions in upcoming Launch Lists.  If it’s something I see that I have a reference item for I may just send it to you if I think it can assist you.

CLICK HERE to submit your challenge. 

Next, it’s the holiday season and I want as many of you to be successful in the coming year as possible, so we’re giving away a $349 assessment and coaching package to 5 of our readers.  (There’s over a 1,000 of you now so giving away just 1 didn’t seem like enough!)   The package will include a DISC and Motivators assessment (it’s a 50-page report about your workplace behaviors and what motivates you towards them) along with a 45-minute session, via phone or Skype, with an executive coach, on our team, to help you use the information to go from good to great next year.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN the package worth $349.

This year has been such a blessing.  Thank you for being an important part of the wisdom I have gained and joy I have received by working with so many of you!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!  I’ll publish a couple of “best of the Launch List” over the next couple of Sundays and be back with the research I mentioned above and fresh, new articles, the first Sunday in Janaury, 2014.


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