The Tear Test – What’s Your Gift

There’s this thing that happens to me when someone demonstrates their gift.  I first noticed it when I watched Tara Duus twirl her baton for the first time at an event.  She took her place in front of the crowd and when the music started and she hurled her baton to the top of the three story ceiling and caught it as if someone had just handed it to her I got a tear.  I knew, at that moment, that I was witnessing someone exhibiting their gift.

I notice it all the time now.  When I witness someone displaying their gift my heart starts pounding a little faster, my breath slows down, my face becomes flush, and I get a tear.  I feel it in my heart.

It happened this morning when I went to see Mike Massey speak at his church.  The ease with which he interacted with everyone who attended that had questions or comments during the study and the passion with which he spoke was remarkable.

I get that same feeling when I read Robyn Goodpasture’s Facebook posts and when Darin Britt encourages me to keep on, keepin on.  I stopped dead in my tracks when my husband Allen met Melody for the first time and instantly dropped to the ground to play with her and so effortlessly related to her when she was only 5.

If you’ve ever been around Brett Sharp when he’s at an event and he hugs or says hello, or gives a high five to everyone that shows up – I mean everyone.  It’s so effortless and kind and gracious.  It’s like when I’m totally loosing my mind with frustration as I try to do something new on WordPress or when I’m working through a concept and I call up Brian Duvall and he gently guides me to the answers that were right there all along.  He just shared his gift with me and I am speechless.

I feel like the luckiest person in the world to notice people’s gifts.  If only I had a way to appreciate them with the same impact that they’ve had on me.

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  1. Lynda, I truly enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for always willing to share your thoughts!

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