The Secret Sauce behind Successful Social Media

A friend of mine sent me an article he found interesting about ROI (return on investment) for social media.

Here’s the article:

and here’s how I responded:


the main point from the article was:  “The answer is to use social media sites to get attention in the first place, and show people you’re likable and trustworthy. But when someone is ready to learn more about your business, bring them back to an asset you control — bring them back to your website.”  

To get attention, be likable and trustworthy, takes talent… not just time.  Talent.  real Talent.  That’s really what’s missing.   Tons of people are trying to entertain, engage and captivate, but so few have the talent to actually do it.   So they spend an incredible amount of time, energy and sometimes money (although time is always money for a business owner) and that’s the real reason they are not getting results.   They don’t have the talent or who they’ve hired doesn’t have real talent.    This is not to insult anyone.   I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talent people like Brett Sharp of WSLC and Danny, Zack and Monica from WXLK and so many others that are down right TALENTED.  

If you’re talented it’s pretty easy to get people to listen to you on the radio or watch you on tv, or follow you personally on FB or twitter… or if you have another strong talent that you’re trading off of.    The major problem comes when you are really doing it (and need to since time is money and it’s about spending time on social media so one day you will make money from the potential customer) to eventually drive people to engage with your product or service.   There are far fewer talented people out there then there are businesses that need customers.   I think that’s the real reason businesses aren’t seeing higher profit margins from their expense item of social media marketing.

 Attracting, engaging, developing and eventually selling to an audience ain’t easy.

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