The Apple Store was packed

So we’re on vacation and shopping at Short Pump Towne Center in Richmond, VA on a Monday at like 10:30am and you can roll a bolling ball down the center and not hit anyone for like a whole corridor of stores.  Then my dauther and I walk by the Apple store.  It was like an oasis.  Packed with shoppers trying all the new lightweight laptops and innovative iPads, I just sat back and smiled.  It’s amazing how when you build things that people don’t even know that they need and then unveil it, people suddenly can’t live with it them.

There’s this new cover for the iPad that’s hard to describe but is this thin sheet of protective wear that folds behind it and turns into a stand.  The new laptop they had out to demo was so thin it was hard to believe it had enough room to store the hours upon hours that my kid was going to upload in photos and videos and any other media she loves – and she loves a lot!

Retail is alive and well at Apple and I would think at any other company that is taking the best designers available and letting them explore every possible way to help us interact with media.  We’re addicts and they are some really smart pushers.  Gotta love em!

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