Testimonial From Goodwill Industries

I often enter Lynda’s class sessions feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement. I know that I will be pushed beyond my comfort zone but provided the support and resources to get to where I need to go – I only need to work at it daily! Lynda’s ability as a coach to literally shift my perspective and then provide the resources for me to advance to the next step on my own is phenomenal. I have always known to succeed I will need to do the work myself and rather than be spoon fed the materials, she challenges her participants to do the hard work and hold us accountable! Lynda raises the bar and makes others want to be better!

When I began in the first class, I struggled at times with the lack of structure (i.e. agenda or syllabus) but from this I have worked to be less rigid in my own work and have come to understand the need to respond to what is in front of you and the needs of the team.

Keep the pressing coming!

Stephanie L. Hoer

Youth and Day Support Services Director

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, Inc.

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