Will you save time using new technology this week?

If you haven’t investigated this year’s newest technology in phones and using the Internet cloud, here’s some suggestions for busy business leaders, like you:

Samsung Galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy s3

Compare these… the Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4s.  The Galaxy is now available through several carriers and is an amazing device.  I bought it on Friday and it’s like a combination of my iPad and my Smartphone.  The memory is huge, the screen is large, it’s lightweight, and the speed is as fast as is possible in our area through my carrier.  

TRY this… Evernote app and widget.  This is a SERIOUS time saver!  Hit the widget on your Smartphone, then the voice activation and dictate notes that are translated into type, instantly it sends it to your computer and can then send it to wherever you want it to go – email, Facebook, etc.  It allows you to archive your notes, documents, pictures, audio files and videos.  It your personal information warehouse and distribution center

WATCH THIS…YouTube videos to teach you how to do things with your technology when you are stuck.  Simply go to YouTube and type in, “How do you….” And there’s probably a video on it.  Here’s a YouTube video for using Evernote in combination with the Getting Things Done time management system. 

DON’T be distracted...by notifications on your Smartphone that aren’t business related like Facebook. Quickly checking those can lead you down a 20 minute bunny trail of distraction.

Most leader, 10 years ago, had assistants that were their gatekeepers and helped them filter information that was flowing to them.  It’s not that way anymore.  Your best clients and customers, expect access to you.  It’s important to use inexpensive technology, whenever you can, to help you sort and filter the tsunami of correspondence you get each work week.  It’s worth the few hours of education and research to shave hours off the time you and your team spends working in your business each week.  As a champion, people will look to you to set standards for excellence!

THANK YOU to my inner circle of brilliant minds who constantly challenges me to raise the bar and stay current.  Keep pushing me – I love it!

Looking forward to sharing the stage with Nancy Agee, CEO of Carilion, this Thursday night at a PWR event.  Tickets are available if you would like to attend.  It’s at the Hidden Valley Country Club, Roanoke, VA.  Send me a note if you’re interested in attending.

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