Synergize My Business – The Launch

Small business owners need help right now.  You probably have limited resources and time, right?
You have to make every penny count and every hour create revenue or be in the service of your
employees or customers. 
I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.  At 20 years old my first husband and I
started Best Pest Control, Inc. with a $1,200 pick up truck and a ton of sweat equity.  We built that business to be the 3rd largest in pest control company in Southwest VA in only 7 years.
We got  a great offer and sold it to Terminix International and I opened McNutt & Associates, Inc., a full
service advertising agency.  Allen Foster, my current husband, has operated that firm for the last 8 years.
It represents many small businesses in Southwest VA and shoppings centers throughout
the state.
I’ve worked for WSET (a local ABC network television station) for 4 years before spending the same
length of tenure at a radio group, Wheeler Broadcasting that owns Q99, Star Country, K92, Vibe and WFIR,
as the Director of Client Marketing Strategies.
What I have learned, throughout my life, is that small business owners rarely get the help they really need to be competitive in
a crowded marketplace.
I grew up in a family of small business owners and won the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business
Advocate of the Year award in 2009.
You need top shelf strategists to create your marketing plan, high level media buying specialists to negotiate
your placements, turn-key programs for customer development and retention, cutting
edge advice and representation on social media and internet marketing,
resources for capital, help navigating complicated processes for any expansion
you might do, and it all needs to be affordable!
That’s my mission.  To build a system of top shelf enterprenuers that are dedicated to helping you grow
your small business fast and affordably. 
Synergize My Business will combine resources with
many enterpreneurs for the purpose of leveraging the talent of the best and brightest for your
marketing plans, customer development and retention, media buys, graphics,
sales and leadership training, coaching, capital generation, and more.
To compete in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace small business owners must team
together to help one another.  Big business is about making their business bigger.  We’re about
making YOUR business bigger!
The team that will serve you is made up of some of the best and brighest talents in each of the
fields you will need to grow your small business and I will lead them with the desire to
connect with the heartbeat of your small business. 
I am your small business advocate.  I am your servant.  I am here to help.
Small business is my end game.
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