Success Accelerator #7 – Get there early

Brett Sharp of WSLC, 949 Star Country has taught me a lot about attracting a large audience.  One of his tricks is to ALWAYS get there early.  If he is hosting a live event, or speaking for an organization, or hosting a concert, Brett is always early.

Do you know what he does with that time?  He greets everyone possible!  Seriously, I’ve heard of him greeting more than a thousand folks that were coming to hear a concert.  He’s the World Record holder for most amount of hugs in a 48 hour period or something like that.  He’s built, along with his team, an audience of more than 100,000 each week from pure hard work and all those hugs and handshakes.

If you own a business you’re building a tribe of fans that want to buy your product or service.  People like to buy from people that they like.  Sometimes it’s the one thing that can seperate you from your competitors.  If you’re a small business owner, YOU are an important part of the buying process and decision.  Use the Brett Sharp equation for success and arrive early.

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