My clients are better than I am

I’ve discovered that my clients are much better than I am at a great number of things.  As an entrepreneur coach I derive a good deal of satisfaction from watching my clients do things that are remarkable to me.  Many of them have a much greater risk tolerance than I do which allows them to reach higher levels of success than those that are risk adverse.  I really enjoy watching them and learning from them so I can help other entrepreneurs navigate tough waters based on the information I receive from others.  It helps, of course, to constantly be researching, but it’s those real world experiences that help me anchor the information that I pass along that might be helpful.

My clients know more than I do about certain things.  For instance, they know more about their industry than I do.  They know more about what’s going to fit into their family life and are normally much better about determining their ultimate destination than I am, for them.  I can’t do that.  I can guide, supply information, ask questions, plug them into resources, connect them with mentors, and be there to listen when they just need to speak out loud what’s been rattling around in their head for awhile.  Entrepreneurs need to figure things out for themselves, though.  That doesn’t mean they should do it alone, it just means that once they have gathered all the information and data, they, alone, have to make the ultimate decisions.  They alone, will have to take the action to move to the next step.  They alone, will need to weather what sometimes feels like a tsunami.

I’ve seen so many of them do that though.  So many entrepreneurs that are capable of what can only be described as miracles.  I get to watch that, sometimes be a part of that, with them and for that, I am so grateful.

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