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I was hiking yesterday to the Cascades which is located in the New River Valley in Virginia.  I go there about 5-6 times per year with Allen and dragged my 17 year old daughter this weekend (kicking and screaming).  It was Memorial Day weekend so the main path was crowded.  When we arrived at the falls there wasn’t even a space for

Cascades, Pembrook, VA

Cascades, Pembrook, VA

 us to sit down.  Of course it kicked my marketing mind into gear to see all those people in one place.

Several of my friends own health related businesses and it occurred to me, from a guerilla marketing standpoint, that they could really take advantage of the hot spots for hikers in our region in two ways.  First, why not take a few people with backpacks full of great protein bar samples and water to the falls and just sit there and hand them out to people when they arrive with coupons for their businesses.  Talk about your target market and people that would appreciate them for making that effort!

Or even better to reach more people, why not use your blog, if you are in the health and wellness industry, to help coordinate hiking groups, or give the best hiking trails in our area, or tips for the best items to pack for each of the trails.  Hiking burns more calories than just walking and it’s a whole lot more fun.  If you don’t have time to create it, collaborate with someone that does.  There is a great site on-line for some of these things, but they don’t have a company behind them with great products and services to keep you in shape after your hike.

People who are getting into shape or who are already there and are looking to stay that way, live active lifestyles and spend a lot of money on great health food and ways to stay fit.  Go where your customers are.  Serve them with information to stay that way.  They’ll reward you with becoming loyal customers.

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