How will you use your platform this week?

So many leaders are looking for ways to build their platform. Knowing that you already have one and determining, each day, how you will use it, is the practice of true champions.  Here’s some idea starters on how to use your field of influence this week.

LISTEN…to your employees, your peers, and those who challenge you.  At the end of the week, write down 6 things you learned.

DETACHING…even for a moment during a difficult decision can help you remain calm and tap into your creative problem solving mind.  Your composure will bring stability to your team, and the situation, that will help to diffuse emotions and allow you and your team to develop  the best solution possible.

CREATE…an atmosphere of safety on your team.  Your team must feel safe to share.  Design your meetings and work environment to allow each member of your team to feel safe to give feedback and collaborate on your highest level goals.

I spent two days in the retreat center in Pittsburg of a true master who created the first ever toolkit for how to become a Serving Leader.  I came away from the experience centered in the  idea that  leaders are willing and capable of more profound change than anyone might be able to imagine.  You, from exactly where you stand at this very moment, can  create the influence necessary to effect the lives of those you serve.  Be a champion of the change you  want to see this week.

Thank you to Amy Foster of Unbridled Performance for her amazing hospitality and gifts she shares with so many.

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