How will you support your team this week? (Part IV of V)

At this point, you’ve gained the knowledge you need to create the vision and engage others.  Now that your team members are engaged, you need to focus on ways to support them through the process.

DO THIS:  From the book Switch, be sure to script the critical moves for them.  Team members that know each step, why they are taking it, and how it will affect the outcome feel more secure in the process and proceed through change with more confidence.  Additionally, you want to give them early ways to win to build thoughts and feelings of success.

REMIND THEM:  of what is going right frequently.  Recognize their smaller accomplishments that will lead to big wins.

TRY the 3 C’s:  An HBR article outlines the 3 C’s for supporting your team.  They are consideration for people and their ideas, coordination, and communication.   Being sure to use a technique known as “rounding” in which you get feedback from each team member in meetings can help members feel heard during any change process.

SCOPE THE LANDSCAPE AHEAD:  and remove any obstacles you find to clear the path for them.  You probably won’t get many “thank you’s” for doing this, but the results of your team members being to stay focused on their highest impact activities will net you the best returns.

BE SURE TO:  Check in during the process to see if conditions have changed, where they need support, and whether certain steps need to be adjusted to fit the situation they are facing.

Most importantly, keep asking questions!  The best leaders don’t have all the answers, they ask the right questions.  Stay curious!

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