How will you strategize your time this week?

No better time than a shortened holiday week to hone in on your time strategies.  Think highest priorities first.  Start by writing down a list of all the things you think that need to be done this week, then group them into categories.  Next, prioritize them and schedule actual time on your calendar for the highest priority items. By scheduling them, you are committing to completing them and you’re also able to see what is realistic, and what is not. Here are more helpful tools and techniques:

PICK ONE OF THESE  … strategies to help decrease your stress and increase your effectiveness in regards to time management. These strategies include planning each day, prioritizing tasks, saying NO to tasks that aren’t in alignment with your highest priorities goals, practicing the 10-minute rule, and others.

BE THIS… deliberately disciplined this week.  Being present and relaxed when you are celebrating the holiday weekend is important for your health and relationships.  The more disciplined you are to follow the rules you have set for yourself, the better chance you have of enjoying this special time.

WATCH THIS  …from Tony Robbins who instructs us to move from should’s to musts in order to keep our priorities in focus.  It’s a long one, 8 minutes, but worth the time investment.

 As a leader, it’s important to encourage your team this week to manage their time wisely.  Everyone needs rest, relaxation, and happiness, and a present mentality with their families.  Encourage your team to plan well so that they can experience the best holiday possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am blessed to have family, friends, and a great team of people I work with who all help support me to be the best I can be.  I wish for you the same experience this week!

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