How will you respond to difficult people this week?

With so many people without electricity and dealing with over 99 degrees of heat, in our area, it’s possible that there might be some difficult folks ready to hit their boiling point this week.  Here’s a few pointers that might help you deal with them.

WATCH this…. 4 magic phrases for responding to difficult people.

READ THIS to find out how to deal with 4 different types of difficult people… complainers, cynics, controllers and caretakers.

TRY things like… not taking things personally, asking questions, use “I” rather than “you”, separate the issue from the person and 6 other tips can be found in THIS ARTICLE.

As a leader, people will be looking to you for how best to handle these types of situations in a way that they can model themselves after.  I hope you enjoy the holiday and stay cool!

Lynda’s Launch List for week of July 2, 2012

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