How will you measure productivity this week?

Sometimes we measure productivity on how “busy” we are.  As a leader, though, your ability to measure whether you and your team are being truly productive in meeting your desired outcomes will be key.  Here are some great sources for finding ways to measure and increase true productivity:

WATCH THIS:  This short, 3 min, Harvard Business Review video with the author of Sidetracked explains the four keys to measuring productivity which she explains are:  1.  Don’t confuse effort with outcomes, 2.  Make sure metrics are meaningful, 3.  Examine your incentives, 4.  Look at the whole picture.

REVIEW THIS:  The 7 drivers of productivity as sited by New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment which include:  building leadership and management capability, creating productive workplace environments, encouraging innovation and the use of technology, investing in people and skills, and 3 others.

READ THIS:  To find out ways to measure your organization’s productivity as sited from the Strategic Plan for Dummies.  They include measuring sales to assets, ROA or return on assets, inventory turnover, receivable turnover, and accounts payable.

Champions, like you, don’t just look at the bottom line.  You also know how you got there so you can repeat successful processes and focus on your ultimate vision.  In the book Switch by Dan and Chip Heath they explain that to make a change towards higher productivity you first need to discover the “bright spots” – those people and places in your organization that are doing things right and then repeat them.

Our team at Cortex Leadership Consulting had some exciting bright spots this week when we started production on our new podcast that will be released the first week of April.  Our first guest is David Emerald, author of one of our favorite teaching tools – The Power of TED*  The Empowerment Dynamic.  We also launched an entire digital platform for our goMonti learning enhancement system.  Big baby steps towards our ultimate vision of providing champions, like you, the practical tools and techniques you need to go from good to great!

YOU will be the first one to receive a copy of the new podcast before it is available to the public.  Stay tuned for more information as we prepare for launch!


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