How will you hit refresh this week?

Do you feel like you’ve been in an all-out sprint this year?  Sometimes it’s necessary to just run as fast as you can for a period of time to get to the finish line that you know will have a great payoff.  Sprints can make you hyper-alert and can work if you actually do have a definite finish line you are heading towards and if you take the necessary breaks to recover and refresh yourself.

Sometimes you need a good, solid, week’s vacation (I get one of those next week in New Mexico), maybe it’s a restful 3-day weekend, (Woohoo for a fantastic Memorial Day weekend – it’s been a great one – I hope it was for you, too)  and it’s even possible that if you focus on the right things for a few minutes, several times a day, you can feel rejuvenated and motivated to keep going.

BREATHE – stop, clear your mind, and focus on your breath.  Dr. Andrew Weil suggests counting to 4 while you breathe in, holding it for a count of 7 and then breathing out for 8.  Doing this several times a day can increase your focus and sense of wellbeing.  I’ve done this and it works.

FEEL GRATEFUL – for 7 minutes.  There appears to be good evidence that gratitude is the antidote for anxiety.  Anxiety takes you out of the present moment and gratitude puts you in it.  This 7-minute audio takes you through a series of questions that can help you get centered on all the things you are grateful for.  Try this 1x per day for the coming week and let me know how it works for you.  I did this everyday for almost 6 months and it truly changed the trajectory of my career.

WRITE IT DOWN – when it is whirling around in your head.  If you are concerned about something go ahead and write about it.  Sometimes putting pen to paper can help you gain perspective that you couldn’t have otherwise.  Don’t try to keep lists in your head.  Just the act of writing things down has been proven to have a positive effect on what you are able to accomplish.

I want to send a huge shout out and thank you to Samantha Steidle this week.  She has come through for clients that we work with, and me, on many different occasions.  Last week she not only helped pull together the details of a major event for us, she also jumped in and really made a huge difference at the last moment in order to create the best experience possible for the audience and me.  She has been a lifesaver, many times, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what she has done to help me.




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