How will you explain things to yourself this week?

Your explanatory style, which is how you explain events to yourself and others, affects your ability to perform optimally according to work Martin Seligman does in the field of positive psychology.  Daniel Pink explains it like this in his new book, To Sell is Human, “the key is to “dispute” and “de-catastrophize” negative events or circumstances.

TRY THIS:  Ask yourself these 3 questions the next time something negative happens.  Is this permanent?  Is this pervasive?  Is this personal? You are looking for ways to answer “no” to each of the questions and explain why to move to a mindset that will serve you to move more quickly past your negative emotions.

THINK ABOUT THIS:  Instead of seeing a situation as personal, permanent or pervasive, explain the bad event as temporary, specific, and external.  By asking yourself what the overall consequences might be and why they are not nearly as bad as you thought they might be, you will learn to keep you and your team moving forward.

USE THIS:  Interrogative self-talk.  Studies now show that using questions to prompt you towards better performance are more effective than statements.  For instance, asking yourself “Will I do a good job on today’s presentation?” is more effective than saying to yourself “I will do a good job.”

WATCH THIS:  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet discuss two things they think can help you stay focused.  In this 1:24 video, they talk about an inner scorecard and getting great at saying no.

You are dedicated to excellence in yourself and others or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Remember to take time to celebrate the successes that you and your team have.  Focusing on what you and others are doing right will keep things on track and moving forward in the right direction.

Welcome aboard to our new clients in CA, ME, GA, and Abu Dhabi.  It’s fun doing our work in different states, countries, and cultures.  Thank you for your support!

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