How will you collaborate this week? Lynda’s Launch List wk of May 21, 2012

Collaboration, when done effectively, amplifies ideas and develops effective ways of executing them.  An animated film is created, designed and executed by individuals that collaborate to create something much greater than the sum of their parts.   How will you use collaboration this week to rise to higher levels of leadership and innovation?
Pick the right people…  The 9 minutes of content contained in THIS VIDEO from the Dean of Pixar University, Randy Nelson, should be required viewing for all leaders.  It is full of golden nuggets that include how to choose the people you collaborate with and the two big rules of collaboration – Accept every offer and Make your partner look good, plus so much more.
Mapping ideas…  a tool to help you and your team map ideas can be found at
Communicating with your team….  In a poll of over 1,100 readers the top 3 online collaboration tools were Google Apps, Basecamp, and Office Grove.
To reach the highest levels of leadership you may need to learn the best ways for your team internally and externally to collaborate to bring innovation to your company and initiatives.  If you read this each week, there is no doubt that you are a leader or on your way to becoming one.  Knowing who, when, and how to collaborate is essential to your success. If you’re serious about being the best leader possible, WATCH the video!  Few companies in the entire world execute collaboration better than Pixar.
Shameless plug:  If everything is riding on the next presentation you need to give within your company, to your board, or at a convention, allow me to give you an Executive Brand coaching session to help you communicate your message, ideas, and concepts more clearly and effectively.  Trust me… it will be worth the investment.
THANK YOU to Kimberly Eakin, Michael Guessford, and Allen Foster for their collaborations this week!
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