How will you be remembered this week?

As leaders, we make tiny impressions each day on people in our lives.  Those impressions make a difference.  You make a difference.

You are more than a task list.  You have so much more to offer than “doing” for others.  Your gift this week might just be in the “being” with those important to you in your life and on your team.

 Be deliberate with your time. Be specific with your visions and interactions so you can construct the life you want to be remembered for.  Reflect back on how you spent your time last week and use that information to construct how you will spend your hours and minutes this week.

DO THIS:  Schedule your most important who’s first.  You know, the who’s that are important in your life and at work.  Make sure your who’s are on your calendar regularly.

READ THIS:  A Harvard Business Review article that explains how great leaders leave legacies.  Great leaders engage in open and candid dialogue about the future, they transfer knowledge, practices and relationships to prevent surprises, and they manage their feelings and are sensitive to others.

WATCH THIS:  A music video from Phillip Phillips that reminds us that people will love us long after we’re gone.

Grant Plaskon, a brilliant videographer, left us this week, too soon and as dramatically as he lived. It was Grant that gave me the confidence I needed to create a new life and career for myself 15 years ago.  Grant was talented, fun, and sometimes, a complete mess. I remember him most for helping me believe in myself and for some pretty crazy times together.

I ran five miles yesterday because Grant couldn’t.  My daughter, Melody, and my husband Allen, ran 3.2 miles in the Remembrance Run at Virginia Tech because the 32 victims of the shootings couldn’t.  It was a sunny and beautiful weekend to reflect on the gift of life we so frequently take for granted.

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