How organized will you be this week?

Taking a day this summer to reorganize your workspace for higher levels of efficiency can be worth the investment of your time.  Working in a cluttered environment may be effecting you and your team more than you are aware of.

TRY these27 tips to keep you organized like focusing on your 3 most important tasks, picking any tool and sticking with it, doing one thing at a time and doing it now, having less stuff, and others may help.

READ this… one of the most popular books on organizing and time management.. Getting Things Done by David Allen.  His tips about “do it, delegate it, defer it, or drop it” along with how to feel fine about what you’re not doing has really stuck with his fans.

PONDER this.. scientific data about whether physical clutter effects our brain’s focus.

WATCH this… in 2:24 to find out how to declutter your office quickly.

As a leader, you may want to ask yourself if the piles on your desk are necessary.  Is there a reason why they have not been filed, delegated, or discarded?  Giving some thought to why you do what you do and questioning whether it is serving you and your team can be a great summer exercise.  You are a champion.  Be sure that your workspace communicates your clarity of thought and your focus on purpose.

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