How much will you remember this week?

Knowing how much information each of you have to process and retain each day, I thought you may find it helpful to learn some ways to improve your memory:

EAT THIS:  Vegetables (big shock, right?), Phytochemicals, Folic Acid, Fish and Carbohydrates will all help make your brain work better for memorization.  THIS VIDEO (abt 2 min) will teach you more.
READ THIS:  Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips.  Things like elaborating and rehearsing the information you are studying, relating new information to things you already know and teaching new concepts to another person are some good one’s on the list.
KNOW THIS:  The more you try and remember the more you can remember.  Your brain doesn’t get “full” it expands as you exercise it!  You can increase memory retention by putting pressure on it.  Remember more in the article.
Your memory can be developed.  As a leader, the amount of information you’re being required to process and retain can seem overwhelming some days.  Having great organizational techniques and improving your memory can stay in the flow.
If you only remember one thing this week.  Remember what went right!  Asset based thinking can help improve your results and those of your team.
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