How much is too much?

It’s hard to figure out, isn’t it?  How much is too much of something?  How much of that cheesecake is delicious and at what point have we eaten too much?  My friends Jeff and Robyn would say that any of it was too much.   I used to think that there would come a point where I felt secure and satisfied with money, the way I do with food on a low stress day.  I’ve begin to wonder, though.

When I’m doing my planning and budgeting I measure the amount that comes in versus the amount going out.  I’ve been pretty good (my husband is much better) about putting aside a good amount to savings, first, and then allocating the rest towards what I consider necessities.  Things like food, gas, car maintenance, gym membership, fake nails, hair, clothes – I’m not a fanatic about fashion so I’ll shop used if it fits well as I figure if my hair, nails and makeup look good enough maybe the clothes won’t matter so much.

It’s a funny thing about money though.  I never feel perfectly satisfied.  There are days where I feel good about how much I’ve saved and days where I know I could have done better.  Sometimes I feel like what I earn is in perfect proportion to how hard I work and others where I wonder if I should be earning more for the effort.  I give to charities always thinking that I could have given just a little more.  I buy presents for others and wonder if I hadn’t bought myself those new pair of shoes last week if the gift I just gave could have been more substantial.

I experience it in business frequently.  This burning desire, passion, to get an initiative pioneered, that takes total focus and energy to create the proper amount of momentum to get it started.  Push, push, push. Then it starts to roll and build and move faster until, at some point, we look up and realize that it’s happening.  There’s actually customers and there’s money being exchanged and there might actually be a profit.  You feel satisfied.  What happens next?  We start crunching the numbers to see how much more profit we can make.  How many more people would love our product or service if we increased our marketing or expanded or worked just a little bit harder.  We start equating it to what we can do with the profits.  Grow, grow, grow.  Build, build, build.  Our measures become the titans we read about in Success Magazine or the business owner on the corner that appears to be exploding with customers and demand for her product or service.

I’m telling you.  It’s like the cheesecake.  The taste of success creates the desire for more success and it’s super hard to know how much is too much?

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