One-on-one Coaching

Lynda works directly with you and your team to strengthen your ability to lead your organization through change and build a strong and confident executive presence.

What you get from Lynda isn’t theory but actual experience developed through more than 20 years of consulting and coaching business owners and executives, operating and selling my own businesses, training and speaking to corporations and other groups, and continued learning and daily research.  All of which has resulted in the most contemporary and practical coaching and training practices available.

You are not alone. Many leaders like you are facing challenges and circumstances that require the latest and most proven practices for implementing change with their teams.  You can feel safe knowing that Lynda does her homework and customizes all of her coaching and programs to match your specific needs. Your coaching and consultations are scheduled at your convenience, according to your schedule.

Team Building & Coaching for Peak Performance

The leadership and executive presence material and methods Lynda developed have been proven to help groups of leaders move quickly reach their highest level desired outcomes.  Her experience, along with knowledge of how people work best within changing and challenging organizational structures, will give you the very best and latest techniques available to accelerate your team in the areas of management and leadership.  Whether you are searching for onsite or offsite training and coaching, Lynda can provide options that will create positive results that will effect your bottom line.

professional speaker, trainer, author & coachLynda has worked with many CEO’s and other leaders to improve their executive presence and to coach them to deliver keynote and other presentations.

coaching on executive presence

Whether you are looking for an executive presence coach for long-term improvement, or you have a one-time keynote speech you need assistance creating and delivering, Lynda can assist you in delivering a performance that will rely on your autenticity.

Keynote Speaker

Lynda has been asked for more than 20 years to deliver keynote speeches to large and small audiences.  Here are just a few of the organizations she’s presented for:

  • Virginia Municipal League’s Mayor’s Conference
  • Roanoke Valley Public Safety Equity & Diversity Conference
  • Chief content creator/trainer/coach City of Roanoke Culture Change initiative
  • Medical Group Management Association
  • American Heart Association (GoRed Event)
  • ComCast Spotlight Regional Sales Meeting
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Lead facilitator for Roanoke City Culture Change initiative
  • Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center
  • Professional Coaches of the Blue Ridge
  • American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)
  • Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce
  • Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Urban Professional League
  • Virginia Small Business Development
  • Salem-Roanoke Chamber of Commerce
  • Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Keynote speaker – Super Synergy
  • Author/Speaker – Synergy Master’s Class
  • Author/Speaker – The Game Changer

Lynda speaking at the VML Mayor's Institute Prayer Breakfast

Video Of Lynda As Keynote Speaker

at Super Synergy Event


  The authentic you is your brand, Lynda. What and how you deliver your content is what separates you from the rest. There is empathy, knowledge, insight, confidence, humor, creativity and effective take aways.  The energy you bring and how youTestimonial From Corvesta

I often enter Lynda's class sessions feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement. I know that I will be pushed beyond my comfort zone but provided the support and resources to get to where I need to go - ITestimonial From Goodwill Industries

“The coaching that Lynda has provided our franchise team has resulted in some owners increasing their sales by 88% and an overall franchise group increase by 33%. Her programs just plain work.” – Michael Klimchuk, Colors On Parade  Testimonial From Michael Klimchuk, Colors On Parade

"If you have the opportunity to work with Lynda McNutt Foster on personal branding and executive presence run to sign up. The results will transform your company from the top down." - Kimberly Kolb Eakin, Class3Only.comTestimonial From Kimberly Kolb Eakin,

Lynda, Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to PRSA Blue Ridge chapter members today. Your presentation was a big hit at Hotel Roanoke!! I had several people comment to me about it after theMelinda Mayo, 2013 President-Elect and Programs Chair of PRSA Blue Ridge

“The lessons I’ve learned from Lynda have been invaluable as we went through the initial stages of our business. I am a much more confident and competent business owner because of her coaching.” Ashley Callahan, Owner of Phoenix, LLCTestimonial From Ashley Callahan, Owner of Phoenix, LLC

"I was being too technical. Lynda has helped me greatly improve my presentation & training skills resulting in a much happier clients and more sales. I highly recommend her." -- Brian Duvall, CEO of Duvall Media, VirginiaTestimonial From Brian Duvall, CEO of Duvall Media

Getting an interview on CNN's, Piers Morgan Tonight , from the small city of Roanoke is no easy task. Looking calm, strong and confident is nearly impossible. Thank you, Lynda McNutt Foster, for the superb coaching you provided Lenden. HeTestimonial from Kimberly Eakin - Director of Public Relations At Ferris, Eakin & Thomas, PC

“Lynda has been there and done that which is invaluable in today’s business environment.” – Herb Hopkins, Owner of J&H Industrial SpecialtiesTestimonial From Herb Hopkins, Owner of J&H Industrial Specialties

"Lynda has been instrumental in our new franchise launch.  The coaching program she designed and has lead us through has allowed us to quickly focus on the our biggest priorities."  - John Gilliam,  Regional Area Developer for Doctor's ExpressTestimonial From John Gilliam, Regional Area Developer for Doctor's Express


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