Do you know what you want this week?

Sometimes, as a leader, you might be focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want.  For instance, you don’t want to be unhealthy or overweight.  You don’t want to loose your best clients or employees.  You don’t want your company to be unprofitable or for you to be perceived as out of touch or uninformed.  Turns out that a successful mindset is one that focuses on your vision of what you want, which drives your passion and then the daily behaviors you need to obtain it.

CONSIDER THISTom Asacker and I had a lively discussion on Friday about his new book that comes out soon called Belief. His research shows that desire is the driver to success.  Find someone’s strongest desire and that will be what

Belief by Tom Asacker

Coming in early 2013

drives them Tom says.  My point was that many people have competing desires which are what throws them off track many times.  Maybe you have a desire to run a hugely successful company and you want to get off at 5pm everyday and be friends with all your employees.  Or maybe you desire to pay off your house early or be debt free but your desire to drive a new car or go on an expensive vacation is a stronger desire.  Do you have desires that may be competing with one another?

TRY THISset a clear intention each day.  What are your 3 highest intentions for tomorrow?  Give them lots of thought and consideration and be sure to accomplish them.  These intentions are what will drive your behaviors for the day and what you do and don’t put on your task list.

WATCH THIS (about 4 min) and see a different side of Jim Carey as he discusses setting intentions.

FOCUS on THIS… what you do want and challenge your employees to do the same.  Work with them to develop a vision of what they want and then help them to develop daily behaviors that will help them achieve it.

It is my intention to deliver to leaders, each week, short nuggets that will help move them forward towards achieving their highest level intentions.  I believe in each of you.  If you are reading this article, your intention is to be a better leader.  Bravo!  The world needs you!

I set some very clear intentions this year that I was lucky enough to see become reality this week. THANK YOU to our amazing team including Chuck Hawthorne, Ross Kirtley, Amy Foster, Taylor Ricotta, Dylan James, and Brian Duvall.



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