Do you have a clear intention for this week?

LOOK at this… a picture of yourself when you were 12.  What would you say to that person?  Are you living the life you imagined?  What would that 12 year old say to you?
TRY this… create a complete list of each of the things you know you need to accomplish this week and next to each one write how long you think it will take.  Now categorize each item under 3 different categories… A.  Will make me money now.  B.  Will make me money later.  C.  Necessary for sanity and health and important relationship maintenance.  At the end of the week review the list and see how long each task actually took.  The difference might surprise you.
READ this…Facebook will automatically convert your business fan page to a timeline at the end of this week.  THIS ARTICLE will help you navigate this important change for your business. 
REWIND to …. January 1.  What were your intentions for this year?  How is it going?  Do you need to hit rewind or reset all together?  
WATCH this… John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership- about 30 minutes.  Good stuff if your intention this week is to be a better leader.
CONSIDER this… You are more than capable of creating the life you want.  You influence others more than you think that you do.  What influence will you have this week?
I believe in you!  You are strong, smart and more than capable of starting and ending this week with the clearest of intentions.  You don’t have to do anything that goes viral, or doubles your annual sales, or gets noticed by anyone other than yourself.   You just have to do better than you did last week.  Just one step.  You’re one, small, clear intention away from wherever you want to end up.  Be the best you that you can possibly be this week!

Congratulations to all those starting the Amp Up Your Leadership course this week!  Good luck on your journey!

Thank you to all the Master’s Class participants that attended Lunch with Lynda last week, about building better customer relationships and sales conversions. You are amazing business owners!

Thank you to Cathy Dick for producing our first ever props for creating a persona.  It’s been cool to see how they are in use!

Thank you to so many that have encouraged me to create these lists and keep sending them.


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