Discipline isn’t very sexy

I discovered, at the end of last year, that the word discipline was something I should contemplate for a while.  Am I really disciplined when it comes to my overall health?  Do I show strict discipline when it comes to the top five priorities in my life?  I like fun, exciting projects and things to do; discipline doesn’t seem to match those adjectives.  I did realize, though, that discipline was the only path towards the type of success that I want in a couple of areas of my life.

It’s only discipline that will force me to reach out to 2 more people each day to thank or assist them.  It is only through that process that I will help to grow Synergy to a more resourceful organization.  Those 2 people a day will add up to an abundance of connections that will make me feel that my purpose is being fulfulled and my goals are being met.

Discipline just isn’t sexy.  Making those last calls of the day, having hard conversations that need to take place with certain people to “clear things up” or clarify things that need clarifying.  Those things just aren’t fun.  I don’t look forward to them.  I realize that if I wait to “want” to do the things that I really need to do, I won’t ever do them because I’m never going to “feel” like it.

I do want to have accomplished something in this lifetime that benefits others.  That’s going to take some discipline.  It’s that discipline that all of us need to exercise in order to grow profitable companies and organizations.  We can’t do everything, but we can’t do anything if we don’t have resources and building those resources takes discipline.

If you want to read a great book about excuses, see Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone.  Great CD set.

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