Can you be a better leader in about 20 minutes this week?

I think you can.  Here’s how.  As a Launch List subscriber you are the first to receive this free, 20-minute, recording that you can listen to on your computer or phone.  This is SO worth the few minutes you’ll invest.  I was lucky enough to get to produce this and had some huge “ah-ha” moments in the process like having “stay” interviews with your superstars.  It’s basically a free session with two amazing leadership coaches.  Please MAKE THE TIME to listen to this and let me know if you agree.

In this first of a two-part podcast series, Alan Berson, author of Leadership Conversations, Challenging High Potential  Managers to Become Great Leaders, along with their host, Kevin Scott, discuss how these important conversations are needed to establish a baseline as well as a culture of expectations. Then Kevin asks for guidance on specific issues he’s facing as a leader with his own team. Listen in as they share some great coaching advice on how Kevin can excel as a leader by having his own leadership conversations.

A huge thank you goes out to Alan Berson for donating his time to us in order to bring this session to you.  Kevin Scott, for his brilliance in not just hosting, but also editing. Finally, a big thank you to Brian Duvall for ALWAYS being right there when we need him and doing such a great job on website graphics and upload to our website.

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