Big Business is about making their business bigger

I have nothing against big business and if we don’t understand what big business’ role is we can’t be successful as small business owners when doing business with them.  I’ve enjoyed the roles I’ve had as I’ve helped create a bridge between the goals of big business and small business.

Here’s the thing, small business owners out there, if we want to survive and build equity in your companies we are going to have to start to work smarter.  We are going to have to start pooling our resources so that we can be competitive.  We need to conduct business with big businesses in a way that helps them help us.

We have to make it easy for them to do business with us.  We have to make it profitable for them or we will continue to get the results we’ve gotten which are poor by any standards.

About 80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.  There aren’t any figures available to me about how many of the one’s that succeed but make marginal profits.  That leaves very few small businesses that are building substantial equity that can be leveraged when they retire to sell their companies for significant amounts of money. 

I believe we can do better than that.  I believe by joining forces and helping one another in significant ways and learning to aggragate our resources, many more of us can survive and even thrive!

Small business is truly the heartbeat of America.  We just need to embrace it and start creating systems that help us to be competitive in a crowded marketplace.  Small business is where the innovations come from.  Small business is where the growth in employment is coming from. 

We need to realize that it takes resources and really smart strategies to win out there.  I want to win, don’t you?

I think I can win if you win.  In fact, with my new company, I can’t win unless you do.  I’m banking on the fact that small business owners are hard working, loyal and dedicated people that have a passion for their companies and employees.  If I’m right, many more of us will win and win big!

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