Are you the best person for the job this week?

I fumbled some scheduling details for Jeff and me to speak at two events this coming week in Richmond.  We got it worked out quickly, however I learned that I am not the one that should be handling the details for our travel arrangements.  That task should be left to others that do it much better than I do at our company.

If you are great at some tasks, it probably means that there are others that you aren’t so hot at.  Is it possible that you might be under serving your company by spending time outside of your strengths zone?
Ask yourself this:  If I could only work 10 hours this week, what would I spend that time doing?
Decide this:  What you need to stop doing, and what you need to start doing?
Take this:  The Strengths Finder 2.0 test.  There’s a free access code to take the assessment when you purchase the book.   and it will issues your top 5 strengths and suggestions on how to development them.  Reading the book gives further insights on how to stay in our strength zone.
To be exceptional at a few things takes commitment, discipline, skill, and focus.  Champions develop their skills from areas of natural strength and spend most of their time in that zone.  I know you have talents that your team looks to you for.  Deliver those this week and honor others on your team by letting them perform in their strength zones.  Ask your team this week which areas they rely on you for the most to get a measure of how you are best serving your team.
It was a true privilege for Jeff and me to begin our Executive Coaching program at Delta Star in Lynchburg this week.  What a great group of leaders to get to work with this year!  I’m writing this sitting in the Unbridled Performance retreat center.  I am visiting Amy Foster, the owner of the center and Executive Coach for Cleveland Clinic.  We are developing the scripts for the goMonti videos for their program.  I am feeling very grateful to be a part of the type of work that is transforming the leadership lives of so many great people and organizations.
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