Are you being examined for perfection this week?

If you are watching me closely to see if I always practice what I preach, you may be disappointed. On a great day I’ll hit 70% of the practicing-preaching ratio. Let’s be real.  On my worst days, double digits is a stretch.

But, I don’t “preach” anything, really.  I train and coach people about things I have discovered. Mostly things that I am learning to practice myself. And I get coached.  Amazing authors of the books I read, my husband and daughter, other family members, friends, and my clients train me on a daily basis. I am taught that there is always a way to be more efficient, more effective, more effable to clients.  I also look for ways to show my love to those I care about, and to thank them for helping me grow.

With years of time and energy devoted to being a better leader and person, you would think I would be farther along than what I am, right?  Nope. This journey is going to take a lifetime.

Do you ever feel the pressure to be the perfect leader or manager?  Do you sometimes examine yourself more than anyone else could?

Try to relax and celebrate the perfect parts of you. Because one thing that I have learned is perfection is an impossible pursuit.  Balance can be found in realizing that there is certain perfection in our rough edges. Those are what make life worth living, and inspire us to keep improving.

This article in Forbes may be helpful:  Why bad people make the best leaders.  Here’s a quote I found spot on:  “But ultimately to build a good leader, you perhaps have to build on a foundation of “bad” qualities—that classic nasty competitive streak, excessive risk-taking, dangerous stubbornness and so on. And then you try to add in the restraint, the wisdom, the compassion and the other qualities that keep leaders from racing off a cliff in their zeal.”

Or maybe this quote from Retired General Peter Cosgrove might help you feel more comfortable with your leadership flaws:

“There are no perfect leaders, just people perfectly intended.  That means, every day, when you get something wrong, and you will… pick yourself up and you’ll try to do better the next day, so forgive yourself and get on with it.”

Are you reading this?  Then you are trying.  You are raising your self-awareness.  You care.  The impact you make on people matters to you.  Keep trying.  Allow your vision be your filter.  Try.  Just try.  When you need help ask the right person for it.  When you fail, get up and try again the next day and the day after that.

You got this!

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