Another Mountain – After Super Synergy

I finished climbing a mountain today. It was hard, it was long and it was WAY worth it! My dream of a national level event, produced in Roanoke, Virginia, with local speakers and presentors, put on for small business owners – happened! The sweat, the super long hours and hard work, it all feels like it was worth it to sit here and know that lives were changed today. More importantly, it was a total Synergy of the presenters and the attendees that created the magic.

I’ve always believed in the impossible and worked really hard to achieve it. As I sit, tonight, looking out at the horizon, I see mountains in the distance. I can’t make out how high they are or how I will reach them, but I know after some rest and prayer, I will be ready to climb again, but I might need some new shoes. Anybody want to go shopping with me?

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