2012 mantra – honor. focus. adventure.

Robert Downey, Jr. recently said that living an honorable life was something he wanted to aspire to.   He had borrowed that from a mentor of his and so I made a decision to borrow it from him.   I know I haven’t always done the best job leading an honorable life so it will challenge me to mold and construct a new one, starting in 2012, that I can be even more proud of this time next year.   For this reason, I have set as a goal for myself to have “365 days of honoring others”.   it is my intention to honor those who have given so unselfishly to me and others.

focus.  Truly the one thing I believe is the difference between accomplishing a goal or truly making an impact.   I’m not exactly sure what form the focus will take this coming year, but I do have some ideas.  Spending the last month in quiet contemplation has given me a perspective on my strenghs, weaknesses, and what potential actually means, that I have rarely taken the time to digest.

adventure.  I woke up one day realizing that the only answer for me is to embark on every day with a feeling of adventure.   I can’t control anything or anyone (and even myself sometimes) but what I can do is look upon the upcoming days and year as though they are an adventure.  Adventures are exciting and fun and unpredictable.   It’s been the unpredictable part that I have fought against and now I am ready to embrace it fully with the strength and conviction that God dreams much bigger and more wonderfully than I ever could and if I simply surrender to what He wants the realization of potential that I have always sought will be realized.

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